Sunday May 15 Do you have what it takes? U 0f I Chi Alpha Leaders Ryan & Kathleen Brookshttps://youtu.be/iZW4cLpr9Jw
 Sunday May 1 Do you have what it takes? Pastor Nick Carlson
 Sunday April 24- Why oh why… would God use me? Pastor Nick Carlson 
 Sunday April 17 EASTER Were you there?- Pastor Nick Carlson 
 Sunday April 15 GOOD FRIDAY Were you there?- Pastor Nick Carlson
 Sunday April 10 Why oh Why…doesn’t God answer my prayers- Pastor Nick Carlson
 Sunday April 3 Why oh Why…don’t I feel God?- Pastor Nick Carlson
 Sunday March 27, 2022 Keep the Change 2- Pastor Nick Carlson

 Sunday February 27, 2022 A Reason to Fight– Pastor Nick Carlson



 Sunday February 20, 2022 Who do you love?– Pastor Nick Carlson 

 Sunday January 30, 2022 Psalm 73 Jason Harshbarger 
 Sunday January 23, 2022 Why Shouldn’t a New Year be New?- Pastor Nick Carlson 
 Sunday January 16, 2022 Troubling Water- Pastor Nick Carlson 
 Sunday January 9, 2022 New Life in Christ & What that means- Ron Fernald 
 Sunday January 2, 2022 New Again- Pastor Nick Carlson 
Sunday October 10, 2021 Life’s Messy, Clean it up!- Pastor Nick Carlson
Sunday October 31, 2021 Don’t be Afraid of the Dark- Pastor Nick Carlson